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Tips For Pest Proofing Your Home This Winter

When cold weather settles in, you and your family will hunker down in your warm home. Since you don’t want to share your cozy abode with pests, here are some tips for keeping critters out in the cold.

Remove Sources of Food

When you’re trying to keep non-human visitors out, you remove sources of food. Keep meal preparation areas clean and free of crumbs. Sealing away edibles makes your home far less inviting for insects. In addition, outdoor pet food containers and bird feeders are an invitation for rodents.

Seal Spaces They May Enter Through

Pests will have a trickier time invading your house if there are no points of entry. Keep in mind that openings as small as chips in basement concrete, loose seals on attic vents and tears in window screens provide a doorway for pests. Replace, secure and repair possible openings.

Get Rid of Unwanted Habitats

Easy access to your house is a major cause for invasion. Trim plants so they don’t touch the side of your home, move compost piles and other pest habitats away from your house and check any equipment you may be bringing into your home from your garage for vermin.
The friends and family visiting your home this winter will give you enough to think about without also worrying about uninvited creatures. Call Nelon-Cole Termite & Pest Control at 704-487-4155 to learn more about winter pest control for your home.

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