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Southeast Begins Bracing for Heavy Termite Season

As the weather starts to get warmer, it’s time to start thinking about the impending termite swarming season. These silent destroyers come in waves and can do some serious damage to flooring, wood framing and wallpaper without you even noticing it. Annually, termites cost property owners over $5 billion. What’s even worse is that typically these costs are not covered by insurance policies for homeowners.

Types to Look out for

The southeast has many different termite species that can wreak havoc on a home or commercial building. The best way to combat them is to first understand what types of termites are active in your area and then take steps to get rid of them. Some of the most prevalent species of termites in the southeast US include the following:
  • Drywood Termites – Found on the coast from Texas to South Carolina.
  • Formosan Termites – Found in North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Virginia and Georgia.
  • Conehead Termites – Found in Broward County, Florida among other areas.
  • Dampwood Termites – Found in Southwestern Florida.
  • Subterranean Termites – Found in most southern states and hotter climates.
The truth is that termite swarms usually can’t be controlled with DIY methods. If you live in the southeast and are worried about a potential termite disaster in your home, it’s best to consult with professionals. For more information on hiring an annual exterminator, call Nelon-Cole Termite & Pest Control at 704-487-4155.

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