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Snakes of the Southeast

We do not want to alarm you. However, you should be aware that snakes are prolific this season and snake bites, according to data from the emergency rooms, are up over 40% this year. Nelon-Cole Termite & Pest Control provides snake removal services. If you are seeing snakes, you might also have a rodent problem since snakes prey on rodents. If you see any signs of rodents or snakes, please give us a call as soon as possible so that we can address your concerns.
Here is a list of the poisonous snakes found in North and South Carolina.
  • Eastern Coral Snake – Slender body with red, black, and yellow rings.

  • Copperhead – Large, thicker brown and tan snake with hourglass-shaped markings.

  • Cottonmouth – Large, heavy semi-aquatic snake with greenish, brown and black markings.

  • Rattlesnakes – 3 types: Eastern Diamondback, Timber or Canebrake, and Pygmy.
Snakes are all part of the eco-system, but snakes around homes can be dangerous if poisonous and can indicate a larger rodent issue that might not have discovered yet. If you are finding snakes near your home, contact Nelon-Cole Termite & Pest Control today!

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