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How to Eradicate Bedbugs and Prevent Future Infestations

While bedbug infestations were on the wane for many years in the United States, they have begun to spread rapidly across the country. It's difficult to remove bedbugs from your home, but depending on the level of infestation, you may begin getting rid of them yourself. However, it’s quite a task and requires an enormous amount of sustained effort, and you’re probably best off calling a professional.
Once the bedbugs are eradicated, you must then adopt some lifestyle modifications to minimize the possibility of future infestations.
What Are the Signs of a Bedbug Infestation?
Bedbugs are attracted by body heat, which signifies to them a source of the blood on which they feed. This means that they will usually be noticed on beds or other furniture on which occupants of the home rest. However, you may not even see any bedbugs before you notice the evidence of their presence.
This evidence may include visible insect bites that may or may not itch according to individual reactions to the bites. You may also notice small blood droplet stains or sheets and pillowcases. Upon lifting your mattress, you may see slightly raised dark stains along the perimeter of your mattress and bed frame. This is the fecal matter of bedbugs.
If you actually see any bedbugs on your furniture, the adults will appear as a tiny rust-colored insect, while the offspring will be almost imperceptible and lighter in color.
How Can You Eradicate Bedbugs From Your Home?
Heat is the primary weapon of choice against bedbugs, because it can penetrate into the nooks and crannies in which they hide and reproduce. You must then remove all of your bedding and/or furniture cushion covers, then wash them and dry them at the highest dryer setting.
After drying, place them in tightly sealed plastic bags, then wash and dry all of your stored bedding and clothes and bag them in the same manner. You must then use a steamer, such as those used to remove wallpaper, to steam your entire bed. You can rent a steamer at your local home improvement store.
If the infestation is centered around your bed, the entire bed must be steamed. Disconnect the frame to steam inside the crevices and corners. After the bed is done, the floor or carpet, all of the dressers and even the molding along the walls must be steamed slowly to kill both the bedbugs and any eggs that are hidden from view.
However, remember that trying to get rid of bedbugs on your own is risky. These pests are notoriously hardy. If you catch the infestation at the very, very beginning while there’s only one or two bugs, you may be able to take care of it yourself. Otherwise, your best chance is calling a professional.
How Can You Minimize the Chance of a Future Infestation?
While you can't eliminate the possibility of another infestation, you can reduce it by being mindful after returning home from public spaces. Bedbugs can't fly or jump, so they must crawl onto your clothing. Hotel visits pose a particular vulnerability because of the rapid turnover of guests using the same beds.
Place all belongings inside plastic bags in your suitcases, and carry an extra set of clothes into which you can change immediately before checkout. Place the suitcases themselves inside large plastic bags before bringing them inside your home. When you get home, place clothes directly into the washer. If you have no laundry appliances at home, keep your clothes in the sealed plastic bag until laundry time.
While this may sound obsessive, it is only so to those who have never experienced a bedbug infestation. If you have an infestation and miss only a few bedbugs, they can reappear several months later in full force, and if you have a massive infestation, your entire home will need to be heated by a pest control professional to kill all of the hidden bedbugs and eggs.
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