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3 Signs You’re in Need of Pest Control Services

As a homeowner, it's important that you're constantly on the lookout for potential issues that you need to respond to. Although some of these issues may be sudden and dramatic, others may unfold more subtly. If your home is currently undergoing a pest invasion, it can be difficult to realize what’s happening if you're not aware of the warning signs.
Unfortunately, unless you catch a pest problem early, it can be incredibly difficult to stay ahead of curve in terms of controlling it. Identifying the earliest signs should give you the best chance at keeping your home clean, protected and totally free of unwelcome visitors.
Below, you'll find a guide to some signs that may provide you with an early warning that you're in need of pest control services. Keeping these indicators in mind can guarantee that you're able to spring into action as quickly as possible. More it importantly, it allows your pest control service to get a head start on truly mitigating the problem.

Unusual Noises

The typical sounds that occur in your house on a daily basis are likely to blend into the background of your awareness. However, if you start to feel like something you're hearing is out of the ordinary, it's important to take notice. Trusting your instincts can be a great way to detect small problems which may later blossom into larger problems—trusting your ears can allow you to take the next step.
One major advantage that most homeowners have is that the pests are unlikely to keep themselves quiet. If you notice any unusual rustling or scratching sounds that seem to be coming from inside your walls or near your air vents, it might a sign of pests starting to emerge.
It's especially important to be aware of these sounds at night, as many rodents are nocturnal and will only be active when fewer humans are around.

Deteriorating Wood

Not all warning signs of the presence of pests come from the creatures themselves. Sometimes, your home may host other conditions that make it an appealing destination for certain types of insects. Unless you clear up those problems, you could soon be dealing with a severe infestation. Most pests make themselves known only when they're in need of food or shelter, and a steady supply of one of these things might lead them to seek the other.
Insects are especially drawn to decomposing wood as a source of food and a habitat for laying their eggs. If you have broken tree stumps, rotting firewood or other decomposing material in your yard, insects are likely to make themselves comfortable and then venture closer to your home. This can also be a concern with antique furniture, so it's important that you keep up with your varnishing in order to deter pests and protect your belongings.

Visible Droppings

Not only are pests unlikely to be shy about their noises, but they're also not likely to be careful when it comes to leaving their droppings in places where they can be seen. In fact, since rodents tend not to relieve themselves in their homes, those droppings are likely to be out in the open and visible to the naked eye.
It's important to seek out pest control services as soon as you notice this evidence, as animal droppings can carry a strong risk of disease. Pets, children and even grown adults can be susceptible to illness from animal waste, so it's vital that you take swift corrective actions.
Nelon-Cole Termite & Pest Control has the experience necessary to identify warning signs and the skills necessary to correct them. Relying on pest control professionals can keep your home clean and safe and provide you with substantial peace of mind.

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